Kitten Cruelly Glued to Busy Road Rescued by Good Samaritan — Who Is Now the Cat's Dad!

Sticky the kitten is now living in her new home with two dogs and a loving family


A 5-week-old kitten recently found itself in a scary, sticky situation.

According to KPTV, Chuck Hawley was driving down a busy road near Salem, Oregon, when he noticed cars swerving to miss something on the road. When Hawley discovered that something was a tabby kitten, he stopped his vehicle to help the animal.

Upon carefully approaching the feline, Hawley was horrified to realize the cat was glued to the road.

“When I went to pick her up, her feet were stuck to the road, and I’m like, ‘Uh oh.’ So I start to pull her feet up – and it was like a rubber cement, so she was glued to the road,” the kitten rescuer told the FOX affiliate, adding that the little cat also had glue on her neck and tail.

It was clear to Hawley, based on the amount of glue on the cat’s feet, that someone purposefully placed the animal in this dangerous predicament. Luckily, he was there to pull the cat off the road and take her to the nearby Silver Creek Animal Clinic.

There, veterinarian Dr. Jenny Bate used mineral oil to remove the glue and gave the kitten a check-up. Dr. Bate discovered several puncture wounds of unknown origin near the feline’s neck, but overall the abandoned kitten had no serious health issues.

She doesn’t have any housing issues anymore, either: after rescuing the kitten from her roadkill fate, Hawley decided to officially adopt his furry damsel in distress, whom he named Sticky, reports The Statesmen Journal.

Sticky has moved in with Hawley, who shares his home with an 8-lb. Chihuahua and 115-lb. great Pyrenees, and is getting along just fine with the full house.

It was divine timing for Hawley and his family, since they were talking about adopting a cat just days before Sticky appeared in their lives. The kitten’s hero is happy to have helped the innocent animal and given the world a news story with a sweet ending.

Now that Sticky is safely at home with him, Hawley plans to file a report with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in an effort to find out who left the cat glued to the road.

At just 1.3 lbs., Sticky already has a big presence on social media, thanks to the Facebook page her new mom made her to keep Sticky’s growing fan base updated.

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