Kitten Found with Paws Frozen to Storm Drain Rescued in Nebraska

Flurry the kitten is expected to make a full recovery

Photo: Nebraska Humane Society

As The Christmas Story warns, frozen metal is nothing to trifle with.

A kitten in Nebraska learned this lesson the ice-cold hard way. According to the Nebraska Humane Society, the little black cat was found with her paws frozen to a storm drain.

The kitten, now named Flurry, was saved from this frigid predicament by Animal Control and a helpful neighbor. The rescuers carefully applied lukewarm water to the kitten’s paws and freed each foot from the storm drain. Once free, Flurry was wrapped in blanket and taken to a warm truck.

Now, Flurry is safely resting at the Nebraska Humane Society with a stuffed bear friend to cuddle.

“Our vets offered hydrotherapy on her paws, warmed her up and tucked her in with a snuggle safe (basically a heating pad for kitties!) and an assortment of yummy food so she could eat and begin burning calories,” shelter staff wrote on Facebook about the rescue.

The kitten’s paws are still tender and sore from being frozen to the drain, but the shelter expects the baby cat to fully recover and find a forever home — a future far brighter than the one Flurry would’ve faced if she was left in the cold.

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