Letting your cat sleep in the bed, talking about your pet non-stop and canine kisses are some of the pet peeves on the list

By Kelli Bender
June 14, 2017 04:26 PM
Young bearded man kissing dog in arms
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Pet owners will do just about anything to keep their fur babies happy. Turns out, that can be a turn off to singles out there who aren’t pet parents.

Woodstream recently surveyed 1,000 people about their pet peeves when it comes to pets and dating, and there are some clear furry deal breakers out there.

While you may not have a problem kissing your dog on the mouth or talking about your cat non-stop, your romantic partner might.

Of course, what irks some are delights for others. Woodstream found that many would do just about anything for love, including clean the litter box of their partner’s cat. Sixty-one percent said they would take on the dirty deed.

But not everyone is cool with kitties: 21% of males and 17% of females said they wouldn’t be able to date someone who lets their cat sleep on the bed, with even more taking issue when it is a large dog sharing the space.

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Other furry deal breakers arise when the pet in question isn’t that furry. Over 50% of those polled by Woodstream said they couldn’t handle dating someone with a pet spider, while 42% said snakes were a no-go.

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Some of those surveyed thought dating someone with a pet wouldn’t be a problem, but down the line had to split with their partner because the animal was just too much of an issue. Creepiness, noisiness and dirtiness were cited as the top offensive traits.

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Because nothing is black and white (expect Boston terriers and Dalmatians) there are some things pet owners do that are seen as creepy to some but adorable to others, so make sure to show your Tinder date your dog’s personal Instagram account early.

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Too many ‘good boys’ can be a bad omen for a relationship. Many of the people surveyed identified three pets as “too many,” even if all those pets are perfect pooches.

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Pets, of course, can be used for good when it comes to relationships. Several of the people surveyed admitted to using their pet as a wingman in the past.

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As always, there is no “perfect” answer to what people want when searching for a partner. There is no one standard. So keep cuddling with your cat and kissing your dog, because while humans can be fickle, animals always have love to give.