July 29, 2015 04:00 PM

Kipenzi, the Dallas Zoo’s newest giraffe, whose birth was watched live across the world, has died.

The zoo announced on Facebook Tuesday evening that Kipenzi, whose name means “loved one” in Swahili, died after an accident in her enclosure.

“This evening as the giraffe herd was shifting inside for the night, Kipenzi began scampering around, as she loved to do. She made a sharp turn, and ran into the perimeter edge of the habitat. She broke three vertebrae in her neck, and passed away immediately. Her mother, Katie, visited Kipenzi before veterinarians removed her.”


The live stream of Kipenzi’s birth helped raise over $35,000 for giraffe conservation, the zoo added. “Kipenzi will always remain in our hearts, and while tears are flowing freely here tonight, we are eternally grateful for the millions of smiles she gave us all,” they continued, adding that those interested in donating to Kipenzi’s memory could make a contribution to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

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