October 23, 2017 01:55 PM

Tell Santa’s reindeer to watch out; Kim Zolciak Biermann‘s dog Sinn has an appetite for antlers.

Biermann, 39, received a surprise package, which she unboxed on Snapchat, stocked with treats for her family’s dogs. Among the personalized canine cookies and other goodies were some more bizarre gifts: full moose antlers.

Kim Zolciak/Snapchat
Kim Zolciak/Snapchat

Acadia Antlers, who sent the box to Biermann, specializes in all natural dog treats made from antlers shed from real moose.

Kim Zolciak/Snapchat

“Acadia Antlers are a great alternative to rawhide and other messy dog treats — they are non-splintering and an all natural source of calcium and minerals with trace amounts of iron, zinc, and sodium,” Acadia Antlers writes on its site. “The antlers are naturally shed from Maine Moose. No animal was harmed in the making of these chews!”

Kim Zolciak/Snapchat

Natural or not, Biermann was skeptical that her dogs would enjoying gnawing on these moose toppers, even after her husband Kroy explained that the chew toy is the result of the annual shedding process, but she let Sinn be the final judge.

Later Snaps, which show Sinn enthusiastically chomping on a piece of one of the antlers, proves that this strange surprise is definitely pup-approved.

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