The choices Kim Kardashian West and her daughter North were deciding between were: Peachy Pop, Baby Jesus, Sushi and Goldie

Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Update: Though Peachy Pop (a.k.a. Peaches) won the poll, Sushi it is, Kim Kardashian West tweeted early Tuesday morning.

Original story from June 26: There have been a lot of new arrivals in the Kardashian family this month.

To help North adjust to the arrival of a second sibling, Kim got her the aforementioned baby dog. North is already taking to the pup (and how could you not with that furry face?), but one thing is missing.

Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

The fluffball still doesn’t have a name.

Kourtney and her daughter Penelope Disick have already named their sister pup Honey, but Kim is taking her decision beyond the family.

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On Monday, she Tweeted the four names she and North are deciding between and asked her millions of followers to vote on their favorite.

The choices run the gamut from religious to sweet. Right now, the masses seem to favor Peachy Pop (Peaches) but all of the other options are close behind.

Your vote matters! Take a moment to weigh in on this crucial pop culture moment and stay tuned for the result.