Kim Kardashian Flees 'Ellen' Set When Host Tries to Solve Her Fear of Spiders: 'Not Doing This'

"I do want to help you get over something because you're scared of spiders," Ellen DeGeneres told Kim Kardashian before scaring the star with a fake spider

Kim Kardashian Flees Ellen Set
Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Kim Kardashian was scared off the set by a fake spider during her Wednesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

During Kardashian's visit to the show, host Ellen DeGeneres spooked The Kardashians star by using a plastic animal case.

DeGeneres, 64, pulled out the box during her interview with Kardashian, 41, and pretended a live spider was inside the container.

"I am not going to scare you, but I do want to help you get over something. I do want to help you get over something because you're scared of spiders, " DeGeneres said while revealing the plastic case. Kardashian responded to the host's suggestion, "No, No. No. No. We're not. We're absolutely not."

Once DeGeneres got off her seat and held the box up, Kardashian rushed to the side of the show's set to get some distance between her and the container.

Kim Kardashian Flees Ellen Set
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

"I don't care to get over my fear," Kardashian said after fleeing.

In response, DeGeneres opened the box up and faked holding and throwing a spider toward Kardashian, who screamed and ran near the stage exit.

Afterward, DeGeneres revealed the spider to be a fake, and Kardashian reacted by jokingly walking off the set.

During the same Ellen appearance, Kardashian revealed her daughter North was so bored by the outfits chosen for her and her siblings for the family's recent spread in Vogue that she decided to take over the styling.

Kardashian appeared in Vogue's March 2022 issue with her four children, North, 8, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 2½.

The reality television star shared that North "styled the whole thing." Kardashian covered the magazine's March issue, and the story inside featured photos of her four kids.

"They were all going to wear black," Kardashian said of her children.

When North saw the monochrome selection, "she walked out and was like, 'This is so boring. I can't believe this is what we're gonna wear. I'm gonna dress everyone,' " Kardashian recalled. "And she went in everyone's closet, picked it all out."

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