This new gizmo claims to turn poop pick-up into a mess-free, one-handed affair

By Kelli Bender
Updated November 04, 2016 03:55 PM

Dog ownership can be dirty work — mostly thanks to routine poop pick-ups.

So Kickstarter Piqapoo has created a new gizmo in an effort to get rid of this icky part of pup parenting.

Piqapoo is a cushioned clip you attach to your dog’s tail (sorry, bulldogs), which has a small bag attached to the bottom. The invention claims that when your dog does his or her business, the attached bag will catch the poop for you. All you have to do is un-clip the used satchel and toss it.

The Kickstarter has already surpassed its $15,000 fundraising goal, with more than $18,000 in donations so far, and has 56 days to collect more funds. So it looks like a Piqapoo is going to be a reality.

The creators of the droppings catcher say that the Piqapoo has been tested on 100 dogs with positive results. Do you think your pup would be okay with using a Piqapoo, or would you rather stick to picking up after your pooch yourself?