February 12, 2009 12:45 PM

Entourage and Hotel for Dogs star Kevin Dillon may have a 2-year-old daughter at home, but it’s his American bulldog puppies, Belle and Brady, that are the terrible twosome at his Malibu abode – where they have a penchant for tearing up flower beds, drinking from the toilets and knocking stuff over. But the two rambunctious pups, who are less than a year old, are still the actor’s best pals.

After a chance encounter with Brady in a pet store, “We fell in love with him,” Dillon told PEOPLE Pets. Despite the bad rap pet stores sometimes get, Dillon adds, “He was outgrowing his cage. This guy needed a home.”

After doing some research on the breed (“We had a little one [daughter Ava] so I needed to make sure American bulldogs were good with kids”), Dillon and his wife Jane Stuart bought Brady. Soon after, they decided he needed a pal, so they purchased Belle from a breeder.

“I like that they look tough and they’re big – a little home protection,” says Dillon, who “wouldn’t shy away” from making the next dog a shelter rescue. “Their temperaments are so sweet. And they’re fun – they’re like big puppies.”

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