Kesha's 5 Dogs (and a Kitten!) Rule Her Nashville Home

The singer's pack of pooches have taken over the entire top floor of her home

When Ke$ha isn’t touring the country with her band, she’s at home in Nashville with her mother, five dogs, and a new kitten – where the humans are definitely outnumbered by the furpals.

“We have this massive house in Nashville and they took over the entire top floor,” the animal-lover told at the Casio Shock the World event in Manhattan on Tuesday. “And now they all sleep in my mom’s master bedroom and she sleeps in the basement.”

When the “Your Love Is My Drug” singer is hungry, her meals even take a backseat to the pack of pooches: Magic, Beau, Murray, Little Mexican and Little Dog. “[My mom] cooks the dogs’ chicken and when I come home she’s like ‘get out of the dogs’ chicken!’ ” the singer said. “And I’m like ‘what do I eat then?’ and she goes ‘I don’t care, that’s the chicken for the dogs.’ “

It only makes sense that the dogs would rule the Nashville roost, they never travel with the star because “they’re all massive and rowdy and it would just be a disaster,” Ke$ha said. “We can barely handle my rowdy ass band in my tour bus, let alone a dog! It’d just be excessive.”

So does she miss them when she’s away? “I do! I love animals,” she said. “And we have a little kitten too – that’s the new addition. Since my house is crazy with the animals, we try to find good homes for them too.”

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