Kentucky Animal Rescue Seeking Help for Puppy Who Arrived at the Shelter with Broken Front Paws

MacGregor the puppy arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society with two broken front paws and needs expensive specialized surgery to mend the injuries

Kentucky pup with broken paws needs help
Photo: Kentucky Humane Society

It's hard to tell by MacGregor's beaming face, but this rescue dog needs a little help.

According to a Facebook post from the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), the five-month-old puppy recently arrived at the rescue from "an overcrowded Kentucky shelter desperately needing medical attention."

Before arriving at KHS, MacGregor experienced blunt force trauma to his front legs. The source of the trauma is currently unknown, but the incident left the dog with two broken front paws.

"This poor boy suffered blunt force trauma to his front paws that resulted in broken metacarpal bones in both his right and his left paws. These are very unusual injuries, and we do not know what may have caused them, but we are determined to help him," KHS shared in their post about the puppy.

To learn what needed to be done to help the canine heal, KHS took MacGregor to a specialist. The veterinarian determined that the puppy needs specialized surgery to repair his broken bones.

Kentucky pup with broken paws needs help
Kentucky Humane Society

"This is a major surgery that requires a lot of resources, and KHS' minimum quote for the surgery is $5,000. This surgery is more than KHS' monthly budget for offsite veterinary care, but we believe MacGregor is worth saving," KHS wrote of the hurdles ahead for the rescue and MacGregor.

To help ensure that MacGregor gets the surgery and care he needs to heal, KHS is asking for donations to help pay the pup's medical bills. KHS is eager to get MacGregor on the road to recovery, especially after experiencing what a sweet dog he already is under challenging circumstances.

Kentucky pup with broken paws needs help
Kentucky Humane Society

"This handsome boy has quickly stolen all of our hearts at KHS! Despite the pain he is in, he has the best personality and loves giving kisses to all of the staff and volunteers who visit with him," KHS added in their Facebook post, which also features several photos of MacGregor sporting a colorful cast on each of his front paws.

Those who would like to donate to MacGregor's care and support KHS's other rescue pets can do so here.

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