The Gossip Girl star's city dog has great manners –and a house in the country

Have the young socialites of Gossip Girl rubbed off on Kelly Rutherford’s dog?

Not only does the actress’s 15-year-old pooch Oliver get to spend time in the Hamptons, he also has impeccable manners.

“He’ll even bark before he gets on the bed,” Rutherford told at the Good Shepherd Services Spring Gala last week. “He’s very much a gentleman about it.”

Oliver, an Australian cattle dog, tends to the family, which includes Rutherford’s 4-year-old son Hermes and daughter Helena, who turns 2 in June. “He’s incredible, very protective,” Rutherford said. “He’s a cattle dog, so he’s always herding us all together. He’s so cute.”

The family spends time in the Hamptons, as any respectable Gossip Girl family would, but Oliver is a city dog at heart. “I think he likes Manhattan because when we’re inside, it’s quiet,” Rutherford said. “It’s nice for him – he has a wonderful, big, cozy bed and all of his toys.”

At Central Park, one of Oliver’s city haunts, he loves to go off-leash, one of the few places in New York where pooches are free to roam uninhibited. “He goes in the morning before 9 and gets to chase squirrels,” Rutherford said. “Then he comes home and has a long nap. It’s a good life!”