The singer also says her grandfather is terrified of feeding the python

By Mary S. Park
Updated April 07, 2011 08:29 PM

Kellie Pickler’s busy schedule means she and her husband Kyle Jacobs travel frequently. When they’re away from home, the country star’s grandfather Ken Morton handles the couple’s python’s meals.

“Whenever Kyle and I were gone, grandpa had to be in charge of feeding the snake and it scared the s— out of him,” Pickler told at the 9th annual Dressed to Kilt event at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York on Tuesday. Pickler appreciates the reptilian caretaking. “My grandpa, bless his heart, we love him. He puts up with a lot.”

The newlywed, who wed songwriter Jacobs on Jan. 1, had a relationship deal breaker: “I would never marry someone that wasn’t an animal lover,” she said. “Kyle and I got the snake together. It’s so wild because nobody expects me to have a python.”

Jacobs is on dinner duty when it comes to feeding their slithering pet. “I don’t do it,” she said. “It’s so weird because I know that they eat mice but I kind of feed bad about it, I can’t watch that.”

Pickler waxed philosophical when describing how she observed her snake consume rodents. “I’ve seen him do it before, and I cry. They got to live, and they got to eat. We got to eat, too. Circle of life.”

The couple who shares their household with Boots and canines Pixie, MooMoo and Maddie, are content with the number of pets they currently have. “We have 3 dogs and a snake and right now we’re done,” she said. “We need to just love the ones we got.”