Katy Perry's Dog Nugget Lands Her Own Commercial and 4 Other Celebrity Pets Who Found Stardom

Perry's dog Nugget is breaking out to show the world the diva dog she can be

Katy Perry is chained to the rhythm, meanwhile her pup, Nugget, is breaking into the biz.

The singer’s teacup poodle, previously seen getting cuddly with Perry’s ex Orlando Bloom on Instagram, has a starring role in her mom’s new ad for Citi’s Double Cash card.

In the spot, Nugget gets her own personalized chair and Perry’s full attention, which is just the way she wants it.

“I’ve traveled from stage to stage with Katy but it’s time to take my solo career to the next level and ride my own wagging tail. I’m as happy as a hound dog chasing a gut truck to be launching this new campaign with Citi,” Nugget said in a statement. “It finally puts me on the pedestal on which I belong.”

Citi Bank

Nugget isn’t the first celebrity pet to be bit by the fame bug. Check out these furry friends of the famous who have become stars in their own right.

Lady Gaga’s Dog Asia

Lady Gaga’s personal little monster, Asia the French bulldog, proved she has mastered some of her mom’s moves, unleashing fierce poses for the camera in her own Coach campaign.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Choupette

Choupette became a sensation in the fashion world the moment she was put into Lagerfeld’s arms. The designer is so enamored with the feline, he makes a point of sharing stories and images of her whenever possible. A truly proud cat dad, this devotion to Choupette has led to her own popular Instagram, fashion spreads, product lines and more.

Ariana Grande’s Dog Toulouse

Coach also tapped Ariana Grande’s adorable dog Toulouse for his own ad, showing that he doesn’t need to be in Grande’s arms to captivate the camera.

Taylor Swift’s Cat Olivia

Swift isn’t shy about being a cat lady, so it’s no surprise her dream world includes piles and piles of cats. Diet Coke brought this fantasy to life for the singer in one of its ads. Amongst all the fluff is one special feline — Swift’s own cat Olivia. Then just a kitten, Olivia gets some solo screen time towards the end of the spot.

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