Katy Perry's Cat Makes Cameo in New Lyric Video

Kitty Purry flaunts a new do – a lion's mane – in her Mom's lyric video for "Roar"

Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” wouldn’t be complete without a feline face. Luckily, the singer has a cat on-call with lots of ex-purr-ience.

Perry’s best furry buddy, Kitty Purry – who the singer has called her company’s CEO – makes a brief appearance in a lyric video for her new song.

“Now YOU can #ROAR louder than a lion too! Lyric video starring Myself, Kitty Purry & some of my closest buds here,” Perry Tweeted on Monday. The clip’s grand finale features the feline suspended in air, while a woman, whom we believe is the singer herself, coos at her.

The tabby cat, who has also inspired two of Perry’s fragrances, even dresses the part: she’s sporting a seriously adorable lion’s mane in the video!

Click below to see Kitty Purry in action:

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