While in the City of Love for Fashion Week, the singer falls for a fan’s Chihuahua

By People Staff
Updated March 07, 2012 08:30 PM

Has this loud-and-proud cat lady had a change of heart?

Katy Perry found herself falling for a pooch after meeting a fan’s Chihuahua Wednesday in Paris.

The young fan, named Madeline, was waiting outside the singer’s hotel with her dog Gucci when Perry emerged, and the singer was immediately taken with the tiny pup. In town to attend Fashion Week, Perry took a few minutes to chat with Madeline and pose for a snuggly photo with the little furball.

While Perry – who is mom to Maine Coon Kitty Purry – has often chatted about her love for felines, it seems she can go both ways. While attending an Oscar party last month, she ran into The Artist star Uggie, and called him the “catch of the day.”

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