The actress can’t help but splurge when it comes to her animal family

By People Staff
Updated March 20, 2012 08:30 PM

Kathy Bates’s dogs can’t always visit the actress on set, but when they do, they do it in style.

“Stelly Bell used to go with me everywhere; she and my old dog Griffin, who passed away, had their own little Louis Vuitton bags with their names on them,” the Harry’s Law star tells PEOPLE. “We used to always say, ‘Go Louis’ and then, they would go jump in their Louis bags.”

Following Griffin’s death, Bates has become a mom to a furball family of three – Yorkie Stelly Bell, whose full name is Stella, Chihuahua Vladimir, and a second Yorkie named Harley. But her dearly departed pet retains a strong hold on her heart, and a spot in cinema history.

“He was actually in the movie Primary Colors with me,” Bates says. “He was a great little dog. I miss him very much.”

To learn how each of Bates’s pets earned a nickname, check out the video above.

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