The former American Idol star likes to bring her pups to warm-weather locales

By Reagan Alexander
February 22, 2011 08:00 PM

For a jet-setting star like singer Katharine McPhee, having portable pets is key. And luckily, the former American Idol finalist has two great little globetrotters: her Chihuahuas, Nena and Larry.

“They’re the most amazing travelers,” she told PEOPLE Friday at the Global Auction Forum Gala in Beverly Hills. “And they’re tiny, which helps.”

Though Nena and Larry’s small stature allows them to travel with ease, it also means extreme weather can have a big impact on the pups. “They aren’t great in the cold,” McPhee explained. “I was just in New York, so they haven’t been traveling with me most recently.”

So would she consider dressing up her dogs to combat that chilly weather? Not so much. “In New York cold? Yes,” she admitted. “In L.A. cold weather? People complain that it’s freezing, but it’s really not that cold, and my dogs can handle it. But in New York it’s legitimately cold, so they actually need the sweaters.”

When the dogs aren’t traveling the world, they’re usually out with their famous mama, who brings them pretty much wherever she goes. And despite their busy schedules, the lucky dogs don’t seem to suffer from any jet lag. “How are you supposed to tell?” she asked, laughing. “They sleep [all] the time!”

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