Kate Mara Partners with Oceana to Help Save Marine Life

The actress explains how the majestic creatures lose their lives in fishing nets in a new PSA

Whales, dolphins and other marine life are dying needlessly in our oceans, and Kate Mara wants you to know about it.

The actress stars in a new PSA for Oceana, which explains how these majestic creatures lose their lives in nets that are meant to capture swordfish.

“A mile wide and a hundred feet deep, drift gillnets are virtually invisible and catch ocean wildlife indiscriminately,” Mara tells Oceana in an interview. “They snare – and regularly kill – sharks, whales, sea turtles and many other marine animals that swim in its path. In fact, the drift gillnet fishery often discards 60 percent of animals caught in these nets!”

After seeing 2013’s Blackfish, a documentary about whales in captivity, Mara reached out to actor and Oceana board member Ted Danson, who inspired her to join forces with Oceana too.

“Whales are intelligent and social animals,” she says in the PSA. “They need better protections to keep them safe from becoming entangled, injured and even killed in drift gillnets.”

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She hopes that others will learn about what’s happening in our waters and use their voice to safeguard marine animals from drift gillnets by signing Oceana’s petition at oceana.org.

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