Bosworth and her dog are keeping each other positive during the pandemic
Kate Bosworth and her dog
Credit: Courtesy Kate Bosworth

The kinds of hobbies adopted during quarantine are vast and among the countless people trying new things while social-distancing is Kate Bosworth.

The actress, 37,  spent most of her quarantine working on a new project, a lifestyle website called KIND.EST.

"This is an online space I have been conceptualizing for some time. I wanted to create an authentic corner of the internet — a hand made destination, born from my desire to connect deeper, to explore further, to smile more, to be curious - through honesty and kindness," Bosworth, 37, told PEOPLE about the new creation, which feature inspirational profiles on people changing the world, recipes, and more.

Having this new website to work on has made the Blue Crush star's quarantine a little kinder. "Working daily, from an inspirational place with KIND.EST has created positivity and optimism during a challenging time," Bosworth said. "I have met and conversed with individuals working tirelessly to make our world better and it has been wonderful to highlight their stories."

Another thing keeping Bosworth positive during the coronavirus pandemic is her Blue Picardy/French Spaniel dog Happy, who earned his name because "he was born with a smile on his snout!"

Happy is overjoyed to have his owners home more and greets every morning with a joyful, wagging tail. Recently, Happy has even more pep in his step thanks to a change in his diet. Bosworth switched the 5-year-old pet's diet to Sundays dog food during quarantine. Sundays is a dog food brand that was created by a veterinarian and an engineer when they couldn't find the ideal dog food for their own pups, according to Sundays' website. What the creators came up with is a clean, healthy, tasty kibble that dog owners can order directly to their door through a subscription or through one-time orders.

"It’s easy for me and healthy for him. This dog food is human-grade, all-natural, and formulated by a veterinarian," Bosworth said on why she made the switch for Happy. Happy is on board with the change too.

"He has never devoured dog food with such satisfaction and enthusiasm as Sundays," the celebrity dog mom added.  "No joke, he actually opens the box and the bag himself, knowing what’s inside. His talent in doing so has become a hilarious family joke. He loves it."

While only one member of the Bosworth household is named Happy, it seems everyone there is doing their part to spread smiles.