Kate Beckinsale on Dressing Up Her Cats in Quarantine: 'That's What Took the Toll'

The actress told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that one of her furry friends in particular even poses for pics

Kate Beckinsale
Photo: Kate Beckinsale/ instagram

Many people have found outlets to help get them through the COVID-19 pandemic. For Kate Beckinsale, it's come in the form of dressing up her cats.

The actress, 47, stopped by Live with Kelly and Ryan on Friday to talk up her new project Jolt, and opened up about getting creative with her pets' costumes on Instagram.

"There's a couple of cats but one of them is more keen about dressing up than the other ones so he's featured slightly more," she shared of kitty Clive, whom she sometimes wears in a carrier, too.

"That's what happened to me in the pandemic," she joked. "That's what took the toll."

Beckinsale said people often ask her how she finds the time to get her cats in costume, to which she said, "Dressing up the cat takes 12 seconds — that I can do on any busy day."

However, when we were in "deep, deep pandemic," she continued, she pulled the ultimate cat mom move: building her pets a 'cat tank' using an Amazon box and a Roomba.

"I bought a Roomba expressly for this purpose," she joked. "[Clive] loves it in there! He's like, 'You finally got me a mobility scooter.' "

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