The designer says his kitten’s popularity eclipses his own

By People Staff
Updated July 31, 2012 07:00 PM

There’s no question that Karl Lagerfeld is a household name, but ask the designer about his fame, and the answer might surprise you.

“You know, personally, I don’t even think I’m that famous,” he told British Vogue. “Now, Choupette really is famous. She has become the most famous cat in the world.”

Since Lagerfeld introduced his kitten in January, Choupette has became a sensation, including landing a Twitter account that boats more than 11,000 followers. And her popularity has not gone unnoticed.

“I even get propositioned by pet food companies and things like that,” said Lagerfeld. “But it’s out of the question. I’m commercial. She’s not.”

Her owner has also made no secret of Choupette’s pampered lifestyle, which includes maids in her employ and checkups with the vet every 10 days.

“She’s spoiled to death,” he said. “Obviously.”

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