Choupette enjoyed many of life's luxuries, but her favorite toy is still a shopping bag

By Kelli Bender
February 21, 2019 02:32 PM

Choupette is working to “put her best paw forward,” according to a statement obtained by PEOPLE from the cat’s social media director Ashley Tschudin, following the death of her darling “daddy” Karl Lagerfeld.

Now that her owner has passed, the famous feline might be in place to inherit $150 million, reports Yahoo.

This sum may seem lavishly large to most, but for Choupette life is lavishly large. Lagerfeld constantly spoiled his beloved feline, who he called the “world’s most beautiful” and “most famous cat,” by showing his adoration through gifts and treats that your normal house cat couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Here are just a few of the unique “creature comforts” Choupette is used to in her daily life.

She has a staff, including two maids who keep a diary on her every move

Along with Tschudin, her social media director, Choupette also has two maids and a personal driver, according to a 2012 Harper’s Bazaar interview with Lagerfeld. The artistic director of Chanel kept up to date on what his kitty was up to while he was away thanks to a diary he had Choupette’s maids keep, where they wrote down the cat’s day-to-day activities.

She loves fine dining

In the same Harper’s Bazaar interview, Lagerfeld revealed how Choupette takes her meals: at the table with lots of options. “She goes in the kitchen and sits in front of the food. She doesn’t like to eat on the floor, so I have to put the food on the table,” the designer said. “Her dishes are by Goyard. She has one for water, one for her little croquette, and one for her pâté. You have to serve everything, and she makes a choice.”

She begrudgingly gets manicures

Lagerfeld also shared that Choupette gets manicures from her doctor, and that if anyone else tries to touch her claws she creates a “scandal.”

She has and iPad

While her late owner didn’t love technology, Choupette enjoys play time on her personal iPad.

She prefers to fly private

According to The Cut, Choupette often took private jets with Lagerfeld, and was known to check in on the pilots.

She gets a special treat at Christmas

Lagerfeld made a special point of having a renowned chef make Choupette and special Christmas meal each year, reports Page Six. Meals of Christmases past included “Japanese-style beef” and “chicken gelée with asparagus.”

She is still a normal cat in lots of way

In his interview with Harper’s Bazaar about Choupette, Lagerfeld admitted that pampered cat likes “strange toys, toys that aren’t supposed to be toys. She plays with pieces of wood, pieces of paper, shopping bags. She loves shopping bags.”