Karamo Brown on His Loving Relationship with His 16-Year-Old Dog Logan: 'As I Grow, He Matures'

"He's been with me through everything," the Queer Eye stars tells PEOPLE. "I say he's my longest relationship cause he's been with me forever"

Karamo Brown
Karamo Brown.

Karamo Brown is one proud dog dad.

When speaking with PEOPLE about his partnership with Febreze to promote their Febreze Fabric Refresher for Adopt-A-Dog month, the 39-year-old Queer Eye star said that having a senior dog makes every day special and has changed his life for the better.

"He's been with me through everything," Brown told PEOPLE exclusively. "I say he's my longest relationship cause he's been with me forever."

"I got him as a baby and I've loved him every day since," he adds. "He's just awesome ... As I grow, he matures."

For the past 16 years, Brown and his adorable Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix, who he describes as his "little angel," have been best friends.

Named Logan — Logan Patrick Michael Brown to be exact — the now 16-year-old pooch was adopted by the television star when he was just a puppy. Brown's ex-fiancé Ian Jordan currently has custody of his other dog, Elizabeth Diane Warren Brown.

Now, all these years later, Brown has an incredibly close bond with his dog and cherishes each day spent with him by his side.

"He really uplifts my mental health and my emotional health, Brown says. "[He] has also given me more of an appreciation for senior dogs and supporting and having them."

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Noting a time years ago, where he was in a dark place and dealing with severe depression, Brown credits Logan with helping him out of this rough patch.

"Some days I just wouldn't want to get up and it just was so hard to get out of bed," he shares. "And I have told people, one of the things that really pulled me through that was having Logan. I remember Logan just being there."

"He would just sit next to me – and I know that he was holding his pee so bad – but he would just sit there and lick me and kiss me," he continues. "Eventually it was as if he would, with an invisible leash, be pulling me out. And then I would go outside, get some fresh air and some sun and I would, just for a while, feel better about myself."

Brown adds: "I just always think back to those moments of when I felt so alone and in such a dark place. It was my animal, my pet, my little family member, that was the first one encouraging me and pulling me out of that space."

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Now, alongside Febreze and its "Say Up to Your Pup" campaign, which calls on dog owners to invite their furry friends up onto furniture and stop worrying about odors that may get left behind, Brown wants to inspire others who are thinking of potentially welcoming a dog into their family.

Asked about what advice he would give to someone looking to adopt, Brown says, "You need to just know that it's going to be the best decision, it's going to change your energy."

"It's a great thing to have [a dog] who can support you and who can be there too," he shares. "They do all these things that support your mental health and your emotional state just organically because you're responsible for someone else."

"It's gonna change your life in the most positive ways," he adds.

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