Kansas Zoo Welcomes Rare Albino Wallaby Joey Named Bruny: 'Doing Wonderful'

Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas, is now home to two baby wallabies – one of which is albino

Sunset Zoo Instagram
Photo: Sunset Zoo/Instagram

Talk about a cuteness overload!

Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas, is now home to two baby wallabies – one of which is albino.

On Thursday, the zoo shared a photo of the all-white, pink-eyed joey on Instagram, revealing the sweet news. "We are excited to announce that our new baby 'Bruny,' a rare albino Wallaby, recently emerged from its mother's pouch and doing wonderful!"

Sunset Zoo Head Keeper Savannah Brethauer said albino wallabies, who have little or no melanin production, typically have health problems, such as cancers and sun sensitivity, but so far, Bruny appears to be in good health.

Zookeepers named the baby wallaby after an island off Tasmania in Australia, which experts say is home to a colony of around 200 albino wallabies.

According to a press release, zoo staff believe little Bruny was born in December 2020, but started to emerge from its mother's pouch in late September.

The other baby wallaby, named Arlo, emerged before Bruny, and is the typical brownish-grey color that most wallabies are.

Staff say the zoo is elated to be home to two baby joeys at the same time. Sunset Zoo is already home to three adult wallabies.

"It's really nice getting to see their personalities now that they are fully out of the pouch," said their Keeper, Amelia Jerome. "We have never had two joeys at the same time so it will be fun to see them play and interact with each other."

Zookeepers haven't been able to determine yet if Bruny is male or female, but they do know if you want to catch the joey in action, you better hop to it!

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