Zoo officials haven't yet determined the baby's gender

In what is obviously, indisputably the most important birth of 2015, the Kansas City Zoo’s 27-year-old gorilla, Makari, gave birth to a baby Western Lowland Gorilla on Monday. It marks the zoo’s first gorilla birth in 40 years.

Caretakers first discovered Makari was pregnant following an ultrasound in February. They haven’t yet determined the baby’s gender, however, because they’re wisely leaving the mama gorilla alone with her new baby to nurse. (If there’s one thing you learn in gorilla school, it’s that you don’t want to get in between a new mother gorilla and her baby.)

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The baby will go on display with its mama soon, and there will presumably be some kind of naming ceremony. “Makari,” according to several different baby-name sites, is derived from Russian and Greek origins and means “blessed.” Perhaps for the new baby’s name, they could pick another popular hashtag from 2014, like “Ice Bucket Challenge”?