The actress and her beau Karl Cook shared a smooch while posing with Shmooshy, who she adopted from The Peeps Foundation
Credit: Source: Life With Smooshy/Instagram

Kaley Cuoco will be #twinning more than usual, and there’s a very cute reason for that.

The actress has added a new animal to her brood, a dwarf mini horse named Shmooshy, who is her “instant soul mate” with the “same hairstyle.”

She announced the arrival of Shmooshy in an Instagram pic this week in which she posed beside Shmooshy while kissing her beau Karl Cook.

“The family expands, welcome Shmooshy!!!!! @mrtankcook #bigbaycity #mascot,” the Big Bang Theory star wrote in the photo’s caption.

Cuoco rescued the horse from The Peeps Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to rescuing miniature horses in need, and immediately created an Instagram page for her called @LifeWithSmooshy.

The first post on that page detailed the pair’s sweet adoption story, which involved an immediate love connection.

“A few days ago this crazy girl @normancook walked in with my same hairstyle, and we became instant soul mates,” says the caption for the page’s first photo. “She adopted me and now I am heading to LA to start my new life! Wahooo!!!!!”

While both Cuoco and Shmooshy don matching buns in pics, there are clear differences between these two.

“Oh,” says the caption, “they call me Shmoosh cause my nose is all shmooshed.”