Kaley Cuoco Retires Her Show Horse Bionetty: 'There Will Never Be Another Like You'

"You will always be my Queen B!" Kaley Cuoco wrote on her Instagram

kaley cuoco
Kaley Cuoco and her horse Bionetty. Photo: Kaley Cuoco/instagram

Kaley Cuoco's beloved horse Bionetty is moving on to greener pastures.

The Flight Attendant star, 35, announced on Thursday that she has retired her equine companion — nicknamed "Netty" — from competing in horse shows.

"For the last 6 years, my princess Netty has been nothing short of amazing ... She was the first 'real' horse I ever sat on, and was the first in my official string. It was love at first sight," Cuoco wrote alongside an Instagram slideshow of herself and Netty throughout the years.

"My first jump on her in Calgary, was a moment of 'whoa'. I knew I would love her forever and that she was perfect for me," she recalled. "We won our first class together and our last. Our magical moments together are too many to count! From taking me to Spruce to Meadows to indoors at the LA Longines Masters never getting a rail and a blink of a second from 1st."

kaley cuoco
Kaley Cuoco and her horse Bionetty. Kaley Cuoco/instagram

Cuoco went on to praise the mare's talents, describing Netty as "fast, fierce, but never ever made a mistake."

"She knew exactly where her feet were supposed to go every take off and every landing," Cuoco said of her horse. "She was also a genius , keeping me safe and competitive at the same time."

The Big Bang Theory actress also revealed that she had "custom gold boots" made for Netty because "she truly was wonder woman," sharing photos of the fancy footwear on her Instagram Stories.

kaley cuoco
Kaley Cuoco/instagram

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"She hated flatting at home and would literally rip our arms off at the trot. So I decided she's a horse show horse. And that's what she was. A performer. Like me. Maybe this is why we are soul mates," Cuoco wrote in her original Instagram post. "We share the same heart."

"I hope Netty knows retirement doesn't mean her life is over," she continued. "I feel this is my way of thanking her, with a brand new life. Living forever in our backyard, having babies and getting constant pocket mints from my dad."

Cuoco concluded, "Bionetty, there will never be another like you. You will always be my Queen B! 🦄 (ps. The gold boots are forever yours ⚡️)"

kaley cuoco
Kaley Cuoco's horse Bionetty. Kaley Cuoco/instagram

Horse-riding has been a huge part of Cuoco's life. Not only does she own several horses, but she also met husband Karl Cook at an equestrian competition in 2016.

The couple got engaged in 2017 and married in June 2018 in an intimate ceremony at a horse stable near San Diego, California.

"It was totally meant to be. We were pretty much a good match from the beginning," Cuoco told PEOPLE of her relationship with Cook, a professional equestrian, in 2019. "We share so much love for animals — we love horses and we love the sport."

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