Meet Oscar Bieber! Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Adopt an Adorable Puppy: 'Our Dogson'

On Saturday, the "What Do You Mean?" singer and his wife Hailey Baldwin showed off their precious pooch

Photo: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Introducing Oscar Bieber! Thanks to Justin Bieber, there is one less lonely dog as the holidays approach.

On Saturday, the “What Do You Mean?” singer, 24, and his wife Hailey Baldwin, 22, showed off their precious pooch — and the proud puppy parents could not get enough of their new pet.

On Instagram, Bieber shared a picture of Oscar perching on his tattooed shoulder as the shirtless singer reclined. “Meet our dogson his name is #Oscar,” Bieber captioned it.

Bieber and the model used their Instagram Stories to give their fans a peek at their furry friend. In the videos and pictures, Oscar sniffs Bieber’s hands, cuddles up against the two, naps, walks across Bieber’s chest and licks Baldwin’s face.

Oscar Bieber. Justin Bieber/Instagram
Oscar Bieber. Justin Bieber/Instagram
Oscar Bieber. Justin Bieber/Instagram

“My Christmas baby,” Baldwin wrote. “I know it’s overload but c’mon!”

“Merry christmas from Oscar,” Bieber wrote. “Doggerzzz.”

Oscar Bieber. Hailey Baldwin/instagram
Oscar Bieber. Hailey Baldwin/instagram
Oscar Bieber. Justin Bieber/Instagram

Oscar is Bieber and Baldwin’s first foray into parenthood. In her cover story for Vogue Arabia’s December 2018 issue, Baldwin said that that the duo — who secretly tied the knot in September — does not plan to have children “any time soon.”

Oscar Bieber. Hailey Baldwin/instagram

Bieber is no stranger to pet ownership. In December 2014, Bieber revealed on Instagram that his dog Sammy had died alongside a throwback photo of the musician holding his pal.

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“R.i.p Sammy,” he wrote at the time. “you were the best puppy ever.”

In 2013, Bieber’s capuchin monkey OG Mally was seized by German custom officials and quarantined because he apparently attempted to bring it into the country without official permission. OG Mally was eventually relocated to Serengeti Park in Copenhagen.

“Honestly, everyone told me not to bring the monkey. Everybody,” Bieber told GQ in 2016. “Everyone told me not to bring the monkey. I was like, ‘It’s gonna be fine, guys!’ It was the farthest thing from fine.”

Bieber also befriended a cat named Tuts in 2013. In 2012, Bieber had a tour hamster named Pac that he gave away to a fan, according to TMZ. In 2011, he brought a boa constrictor named Johnson to the MTV Video Music Awards.

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