The 2½-year-old domesticated fox has more than 1.8 million Instagram followers — and a new book launching in April 2018

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Credit: Chronicle Books

Is this the happiest face you’ve seen in a while or what? It’s certainly the foxiest face, and we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this cute, furry mug once this Instagram-famous animal’s new book hits shelves early next year.

Juniper: The Happiest Fox is scheduled for release by Chronicle Books in April 2018, and PEOPLE has the pleasure of exclusively introducing this beloved domesticated fox’s next big project. Along with the cover reveal above, here’s a sweet sneak peek inside the book:

Credit: Chronicle Books

According to Juniper’s website, this beautiful 2½-year-old girl is a domestic North American Red Fox. “We adopted her when she was only 5 weeks old after learning that she needed a home,” writes her human. “I had worked with foxes in rescues in the past and with that hands-on experience knew that I could give her the home she deserved … Juniper and foxes like Juniper are considered ‘domestic fur-bearing animals’ and being that she is descended from animals that have spent many generations in captivity meant that she genetically lost many of her natural instincts. Unfortunately this meant that she would be unable to live naturally in the wild.”

Fortunately for us, that means lots of heartwarming photos of Juniper on Instagram, Facebook and beyond.

Other precious tidbits about Juniper include her love of eating socks, morning cuddles, hiding snacks in case of emergencies, and her adoration of boyfriend Moose, a very handsome Australian shepherd/Malamute mix.

Speaking of Moose, Juniper likes to play hard to get. She tries all day to get his attention, but once he’s interested, she sometimes just sits and stares or pretends she has something better to do (like painting). So sassy!

When Juniper does not like something, she lets her human know — by pulling her ears back and screaming! But more often, you can catch her happily singing.

She’s also known for her superior interior decorating skills.

And thus, her partnership with West Elm makes perfect sense! You can purchase one of her sweet Christmas ornaments that benefit the ASPCA here.

Credit: Chronicle Books

She may or may not be planning her Halloween costume right now … a vampire, of course!

Be sure to follow this fantastic little miss fox on social media now, and keep an eye on her Amazon book page for more information about Juniper: The Happiest Fox soon!