April 02, 2018 05:09 PM

Jumping Bean’s second chance at life started with a surpise. The surprise was Jumping Bean herself.

The pit bull was discovered chained in the filthy basement of a recently sold house by the home’s new owner.

Unsure about how long the dog was left abandoned in the dark, depressing space, the owner called Stray Rescue of Saint Louis for help.

“We got a call that a man had purchased a house in North City and there was a pit bull chained up in the basement. It was not a good part of town, most of the homes on the street are boarded up …  Apparently there had been a squatter staying in the house. He sent a friend to the house to let us in,” Natalie Thomson of Stray Rescue of Saint Louis recounted to PEOPLE.

The rescuers arrived to find a dog who wasn’t filled with fear but hope, a dog “wiggling all over, so excited to see us.”

Courtesy Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

The video of her rescue shows Jumping Bean practically vibrating at the end of her leash with happiness at the chance of meeting new friends. Once she was off her short chain and out into the sunlight, the black and white dog literally started to leap with joy. Her tail didn’t stop wagging the entire time.

“She was so excited to be off of her chain. She was jumping all over the place, jumping up to give her rescuers kisses and rubbing her body on any surface she could reach. It was as if she was saying ‘I am not to be ignored! I am a living, breathing soul!'” Thompson said. “We named her Jumping Bean due to her excitement. It fit her perfectly.”

To see where she came from — a dusty, dirty basement covered in her own poop —  meant Jumping Bean had been left down there for some time, and with no food or water in sight, it’s amazing this canine can still look on bright side and love people.

Courtesy Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

It’s also amazing Jumping Bean turned out to be relatively healthy considering these conditions. Thompson said the enthusiastic pooch was slightly emaciated when she was found, and will need to be spayed and treated for heartworms, but aside from these issues she is in good shape.

Jumping Bean is currently at the Stray Rescue of Saint Louis shelter undergoing her heartworm treatment and looking for her forever family. If you are interested in giving Jumping Bean a life filled with love and care, fill out an adoption application online.


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