Julie Brown: My Cat is Balding!

The comedic actress blogs about her cat's hair loss

As a mom to two cats, actress Julie Brown thought she’d seen it all when it came to pet care. But Brown came upon quite a surprise recently when she noticed one of her two cats was going bald! The actress took to her MySpace page last week to write about her cat’s condition, sharing that her quirky pet, named Banana, was diagnosed with Feline Alopecia. A kind of “kitty O.C.D.” Brown said, it basically means that her cat grooms herself until her hair is gone. The only treatment for the condition is Valium, which Brown gave to her cat – with comical results! She shared,

“As I’m writing this, she’s turned into a Party Cat! She’s rubbing up against the coffee table, trying to make out with the dog and now she’s wrestling with my antique Quaalude container that I bought on Ebay. Okay, I’m kidding about that but she did rip a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken right out of my hand! Then she tried to groom my head… I officially have a neurotic cat.”

We’re glad Banana is going to be OK! To read more of Brown’s funny cat musings, check out her blog here.

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