The actress jokes about Harley's cowlick, and Lexi's childlike look

Someone in the Hough household is sporting a new look – and it’s not Julianne!

The Safe Haven star Tweeted about her beloved Cavalier King Charles spaniel Lexi’s new hair don’t on Wednesday, sharing a photo of the pooch looking less than thrilled.

“Lexi’s ears got cut a little short and blunt,” Hough wrote. “She looks like a 5 year old kid with a jump rope pigtails.”

Luckily, Lexi can find some solace in knowing that her furry sibling, Harley, is not faring much better.

“And Harley has some mad alfalfa hair going on!” Hough added, posting a pic of the pooch split with the Little Rascals character. Someone get these guys a comb!