Julia Fox Asks TikTok Followers for Help Rescuing 'Panting' Seagull She Found

The Uncut Gems actor tried to rescue an injured bird on Sunday and asked her followers for advice on TikTok

Julia Fox asked her TikTok followers for help as she attempted to rescue an injured seagull. Photo: Julia Fox/TikTok

Julia Fox — actor, model, and soon-to-be author — added animal rescuer to her resume.

Fox, 33, recently attempted to aid an injured seagull she found with the help of her social media following.

While the Uncut Gems star was unable to save the small animal, Fox gave her best effort and asked her TikTok followers to direct her to bird specialists.

On Sunday, Fox shared her first TikTok about the seagull, appropriately captioned "Help!". In the clip, she explains the circumstances surrounding her animal rescue mission to her 1.7 million followers.

"Hey guys, so funny question. We found this bird, we think it's a seagull," Fox says in the clip, showing the animal in a box. "We called 311, they don't wanna pick it up. So we're just wondering, anyone that's a specialist, if anyone knows anything about birds — in particular seagulls?"

Fox then pans her camera to the bird — who she and her friends call Lucy in the clip — and adds that the animal has been "panting." "She could walk but... I don't know. She doesn't look visibly injured," Fox says. "So we're just kind of confused. So, yeah, if anyone knows anything, please let me know. Thank you."

A few hours after her first seagull post, Fox shared an update with her fans via TikTok, opening the clip with the difficult news that "Lucy, unfortunately, did not make it."

"We watched her take her last breath and put her head down, and her body deflated, and she passed away," Fox shares in a follow-up social media post. "We still have no idea what could've been wrong with her. While she was in our care, she would not eat, she would not drink, she seemed really tired. Even when we went to pick her up, she kind of just let us, which is crazy. So you could tell she was at her wit's end. She didn't have any fight left in her, unfortunately."

"We still don't know what it is, why she was sick," Fox ends the video.

The actress also shared that she and her friends gave Lucy "a really beautiful funeral" with a "cute" ceremony in the park.

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Fox has been using TikTok to give fans an inside look into her everyday life — including a tour of her New York City apartment.

In late January, Fox shared a peek at what she called her "very underwhelming" living space, showing off her son Valentino's play area and stacks of shoeboxes in the kitchen — and addressed a mouse problem.

"I really wasn't expecting my apartment tour to go so viral, people are really freaking out over it," she added online after the video tour. "It's really just not that deep."

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