Christopher Cline’s dog is a towering giant in hilarious works of art on his popular Instagram page

By Amy Jamieson
March 04, 2016 05:04 PM

Christopher Cline calls Juji “one of my biggest sources of information” — so it makes perfect sense that the dog would be a towering giant in his Instagram photos.

Cline’s Instagram page has become a big hit (see what we did there?) thanks to the Photoshopped pics he posts of himself hanging out with the larger-than-life Goldendoodle.

But why big and why now?

“[Juji] came along at a time in my artistic career when I was feeling low,” the Minnesota-based graphic designer tells PEOPLE in an email. “He really charged my batteries so to speak. And every day is a new adventure with him. I keep thinking I’m gonna run out of ideas but with him around they just keep coming.”

There are pics of the pair hiking, watching TV, sightseeing, chopping down trees … and in each of them Juji is about the size of a horse. Cline’s favorite so far is the pic above where they’re riding a bike together. “It was so much fun to create,” he says.

For a fee — $50 for a simple piece, $300 for something more complicated — Cline can beef up your buddy, too. “I love that I can offer others the gift of making your dog larger than life,” he says of his business, “because in a dog owners eyes, that’s exactly how we see them.”

The response to the enormity of what he’s doing has been, well, huge. “My following has nearly doubled as a result of this. And it’s all so positive,” says Cline, who has more than 45,000 Instagram followers. “I feel so grateful that so many people find happiness in [it].”

Interested in making your canine more colossal? Email Cline at for details and pricing.