Arizona Shelter Cat Who Went Viral for Judgy Pout Deems Human Worthy of Adopting Him

'Judgy Roger' got attention on Reddit after a photo of his unamused, but adorable, face was posted to the site

judgy cat
Photo: Arizona Humane Society

We still miss the late Grumpy Cat, but plenty of cats are continuing to pout in her honor.

One of the most recent unamused felines discovered on the web is "Judgy Roger," a sassy kitten that was rescued by the Arizona Humane Society.

The 4-month-old baby cat went viral on Reddit after the photo from his adoption profile was posted to the site, according to the shelter.

"Roger is a very sweet 4-month-old kitten, but he finds comfort in the company of other cats and struggled with being alone when his kennel mate was adopted. He will need to go home with another social cat who can help bring him out of his shell and be less, well ... judgy," the Arizona Humane Society posted on Facebook to help Roger find the perfect home.

The shelter included Roger's sweet, scowling headshot on his adoption page because they felt that it matched the kitten's mood at the time, reports Originally, the little cat had some behavioral issues including, swatting and hissing at humans, but Roger worked with animal behavioral specialist Valerie Stockton to address these feelings.

Roger's adoption

Before long, Roger was a little less judgy of human interaction, and eventually deemed one lucky potential adopter worthy of his companionship. Patty McNeel recently brought the kitten home, after being won over by his warm, open personality.

"The way he cuddled. He cuddled up when she brought him in the room. And he purrs. Sounds like a little motorboat," she told about her first meeting with Roger.

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