Paw and Order: Watch Judge Judy Let Little Dog Loose in Courtroom to Choose His Real Owner

Every dog has it's day. This dog's day just happened to be in court

Every dog has its day. This dog’s day just happened to be in court.

On a 2012 episode of Judge Judy that has recently found a second life online, the titular Judge Judy Sheindlin was faced with a canine conundrum that ended in an emotional reunion.

In an edited clip of the episode, Judge Judy meets two individuals both claiming to be the rightful owner of one dog, who appears to be named Baby Boy.

The woman in possession of Baby Boy insists she legally bought the dog from someone selling the pet on the street. The other individual claims that he was Baby Boy’s owner before this sale, and that the pup was taken from him and sold to the dog’s current owner without his knowledge. He understandably wants Baby Boy back.

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Instead of letting the humans make the call for this canine, Judge Judy leaves it up to Baby Boy. She has the pup carried into the courtroom and issues one simple command: “Put the dog down.”

Baby Boy immediately runs to the other side of the courtroom and excitedly jumps at his original owner’s feet, wagging his tail the entire time.

This is all Judge Judy needs to see. Seconds after Baby Boy’s paws hit the ground, she makes her ruling.

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