The singer and his family have a big soft spot for pooches

When Josh Kelley had reservations about his wife Katherine Heigl bringing a sixth dog into their home, she started crying.

“Where’s your heart? Where’s your soul? I’m supposed to be marrying you, and you don’t know who I am by now?” she cried.

“Fine, just take the dog. Jesus,” he said as he caved.

“We do have a lot of pets in our family,” Kelley tells, but make no mistake –the singer/songwriter is definitely a dog lover, and so is his 23-month-old daughter, Naleigh.

“She loves the dogs,” he says. “She thinks they’re like all her little personal friends. She makes them tea and brings them things and pats them on the back.”

Watch the rest of our video above for more on Josh Kelley and his dog-loving family.

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