"He's back to running in the wind," Josh Groban wrote in a tribute to his dog

Josh Groban and his dog Sweeney
Josh Groban and his dog Sweeney
| Credit: Josh Groban/instagram

Josh Groban is paying tribute to his dog of 16 years, Sweeney.

On Friday, the "You Raise Me Up" singer, 39, announced that his canine companion passed away earlier in the week, sharing a slideshow of the pup throughout the years alongside a touching message about his pet on his Instagram.

"On March 13, 2004 a fluffy, wiggly, explosion of love entered my life," he began. "Holding him in my arms the first time, taking him home, introducing him to my world and him immediately trusting me to become his. It was the beginning of what would become one of the greatest soul connections of my life."

"Anyone who has loved a pet understands that the time you spend together...the boundless joys of the celebrated moments, the quiet calm during the storms, its a bond unlike anything else," Groban continued. "They are family."

Josh Groban and his dog Sweeney
Josh Groban's dog Sweeney
| Credit: Josh Groban/instagram

The musician went on to recall the last "16 extraordinary years" he spent watching Sweeney grow "from a rascal puppy to an adventure buddy to a calm and dignified senior dog slowed only by tired body, never by his sharp mind."

"The time has flown far too fast," he shared. "After many months of showing the kind of strength and willpower to keep moving I can only hope to have one day, his body had enough. Sweeney passed away late Tuesday night. I am grateful beyond measure to have been with him in his final moments. He’s back to running in the wind."

"I am deeply heartbroken. I will be for some time. But the grief of loss is the price we pay for the gift of love. It is worth every tear and I will miss him every day."

Groban added that Sweeney "had so many friends" in his life before thanking those who made it "so special and kept him so healthy."

"To the fans who made him a real road legend, who made paintings and sent toys and knew his awesomeness throughout my career...thank you," he said. "You made it so fun."

The star concluded his tribute by asking those who wish to honor Sweeney's memory to "donate in his name to the ASPCA or your local rescue shelter."

"Go love an animal. Bring one into your life. There is so much love awaiting," Groban wrote. "I love you Sweeney."