The goateed pooch has a “jutting lower jaw” just like the actor

By Jeffrey Slonim
August 10, 2010 05:45 PM

There’s no doubt that Josh Brolin and his famous father James Brolin are related – they share a luscious full head of hair, and that jaw line. But there’s another family member who is really Josh’s spitting image.

“I have a dog that looks exactly like me,” Brolin told on the red carpet for the premiere of The Tillman Story, a documentary that he narrates. “He has this great goatee that goes in all directions, but he also has this jutting lower jaw. He was the cutest puppy, a cute little fluffy thing. And then he morphed into somebody who looks like me, but more severe looking. People say it all the time when I walk my dog. It’s very funny.”

Brolin’s stepdaughter, Eleanor Lambert, who was also at the theater for the screening, agrees that Josh and dog Milo resemble one another. “They both have a goatee,” Lambert concurred.

The canine is a big part of the actor’s blended family with actress Diane Lane. “He’s the sweetest,” he said. “He’s truly everything to us.”

And, Brolin’s furry doppelganger is quite the personality at home. “He’s kind of nuts,” Lambert added. “He’s very hyper, but he’s also a cuddler, which is nice. Him and my cat play together pretty well. The cat, Tiger Lilly, a grey tabby, is truly not a nice cat. She puts him in his place, actually. He’s a little afraid of her.”

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