The Idol alum is "absolutely fine" after a run-in at a New York City dog run

Jordin Sparks did have close encounter with a pit bull in New York City over the weekend – but she says she was not attacked, as some reports have suggested. The singer, who is starring in Broadway’s In the Heights, downplayed the incident, which happened on Sunday.

While visiting the local dog run where she frequently takes her own pups, Miles and Maggie, Sparks was “nipped” by another pooch – but “it was nothing at all,” her publicist,Victoria Varela, tells “Her skin wasn’t even broken,” Varela adds. “She’s absolutely fine.”

Sparks originally revealed the incident on Monday during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. Pointing to her left leg, she said, “You see this bruise right here? A New York experience. I took my dog to the dog park and I got bit by a pit bull. Yesterday!”

After Sparks shared the anecdote, exaggerated reports of the American Idol winner being “attacked” by a pit bull surfaced, prompting her to take to Twitter to set the facts straight.

“Don’t blow the dog bite out of proportion!” she wrote on Monday afternoon. “It was just a freak accident! And I’m fine! Just a bruise!”

Sparks also absolved the dog and its owner of any blame. “The owner was really apologetic,” Varela says.