Jordin Sparks Shares a Sandy Kiss with Her Dog

The singer gets some sunshine and bonding time on a day at the beach with some family

She wasn’t feeling 100-percent this week, so Jordin Sparks took it to the beach with what she considers the best medicine.

“Feeling a little under the weather,” she Tweeted on Monday. “Nothing is better when you feel like that than being w/ my mom & my pup.”

The singer, wearing a candy-striped bikini, lounged under the sun with her mom Jodi Sparks and her dog Minnie.

“Minnie is so happy to be w/ me that she’s smiling from ear to ear!” Sparks wrote.

A little rest and relaxation (plus some vitamin D) seemed to do Sparks some good. She was feeling well enough to give Minnie a big kiss on the sand.

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