The Jonas Brothers tell Tiger Beat their golden retriever is “a joyful spirit.”

By People Staff
Updated January 28, 2009 05:00 PM

The Jonas Brothers posed with their dog Elvis in the new issue of Tiger Beat magazine and shared a bit about the golden retriever’s personality. “He is really a joyful spirit, and always good to have around,” Nick Jonas, 16, says. The dog was adopted in the fall, when Nick received him as a 16th birthday gift. He’s settled into his new life in no time at all – and is even learning a few tricks. “He’s definitely one of the family now. He’s getting trained to shake hands and high five and obey,” says Kevin Jonas, 21.

Elvis –who is named for two of Nick’s favorite musicians, Elvis Costello and Elvis Presley–has tons of energy too. “He’ll try to go under a table that’s too small for him,” Joe explains. “Or he’ll jump on (younger brother) Frankie.” The adorable dog has been a great addition to the Jonas family. “He’s a great way to get greeted at the door,” Kevin says.