The ice skater admits his furry buddy literally comes in between him and love Victor Voronov sometimes

By Michelle Ward
Updated August 28, 2013 02:30 PM

Johnny Weir is going on two years of wedded bliss, but the ice skater admitted to PEOPLE that there’s sometimes a third party in his relationship.

“I have a Japanese Chin and his name is Tyoma. He’s the love of my life,” Weir gushed of his pet pup while attending the USTA Serves Opening Night Gala Monday in New York, which celebrated the start of the U.S. Open. “He’s the only person who can get me to change my mind about anything. I say person – he’s the only creature.”

Acknowledging that husband Victor Voronov, whom he wed in 2012, is less than pleased with Weir’s preference for his pooch, the skater continued, “My husband is very jealous. [The dog] sleeps between us. He’s my little man.”

But while Voronov has his differences with the pet, Weir noted that he and his dog are more alike that one would guess.

“He does a Chin spin, which is when they curl up into a little ball. Almost like they are chasing their tail but they just spin constantly,” he said of Tyoma’s best trick. “When he hears his treat bag open, he starts spinning. It’s kind of perfect for me as an ice skater to have a spinning dog.”