The Tourist co-stars had fun with pets while filming

Though they’d met only briefly before they starting shooting their new film together, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie got to know each other quickly on the set of The Tourist. And it wasn’t long before things got intimate – with the Jolie-Pitts’ bulldog, Jacques. Depp told David Letterman that, somehow, he got roped into babysitting the pooch one night.

“I remember it as some species of a dare,” the actor said. “We were having dinner, I think there was a little wine involved, and they said, ‘You should take Jacques.’ Should have known then.”

In fact, Depp, who good-naturedly assumed dogsitting for the night in his hotel room would be a manageable task, had no idea what he was in for.

“The only problem I saw is that the dog reeks,” he said. “He absolutely stinks. I mean, real bad.”

Not only was Jacques a stinky, sizeable force of “about 175 lbs.,” he was feeling a little frisky that night as well.

Watch the rest of the clip above to hear what else Jacques wanted to do with his dogsitter Johnny Depp!