The singer and his girlfriend welcome a French bulldog


Like much of the world, John Legend and his girlfriend Chrissy Teigen are obsessed with Pippa – but not the one you might think! This couple is infatuated with Pippa, their new French bulldog puppy.

Teigen went to pick up the female pup from a breeder in Gainesville, Fla., over the holiday weekend and has been overjoyed since.

“On the plane! Headed home. Stopping in Charlotte again. She is worth it. I’m in love,” the model Tweeted on July 2. “Flight delay. Our little friend is sound asleep. And mark exactly 3pm as the time of her first fart with me.” RELATED: A Royal Love Affair With Pets!

The noisy little pooch, who weighed in at 4-lbs. on June 30, seems to be settling into her new life very well. “Pippa whines and hollers for a minute, pees, whines again for another minute, then goes to bed. she is me,” Teigen wrote.

And like Teigen, Pippa is getting along swell with Legend’s bulldog, Puddy, who has been the only child in the household for several years. The two dogs’ first meeting on Independence Day went well.

“Puddy is beyond patient with pippa,” Teigen wrote. “She is so rough on the guy. Poor pudds.”

Click here to see a video of Pippa in action!