We hereby present you the cutest dog marriage of all time – and we dare you to not get emotional

Have you ever seen a chubby English bulldog in a tux? How about John Legend officiating a wedding between an English bulldog in a tux and a French bulldog in a bridal gown? No?

That changes now.

Puddy and Pippa – Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen’s adorable (and hilariously deadpan) dogs – just got married for a very special cause: to raise money for Legend’s charity, The Show Me Campaign, which works to break the cycle of poverty by providing all children with quality educations.

The parody video, in which Legend performs his heartrending love ballad “All of Me” to his confused dogs, will raise money to renovate the auditorium of South High School in his hometown, Springfield, Ohio.

As if watching Puddy and Pippa form a lifelong union weren’t fulfilling enough, one super #blessed winner (just make a $10 donation here before April 16 to qualify) will get the chance to have Legend perform at an event of their choosing: a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, an awkward middle school sleepover – even a chill backyard BBQ.

Legend is up for anything, “as long as there’s no clown,” the video’s release specifies. Plus, he’ll even “dedicate a song to you and yours, let you perch yourself on the piano and maybe even do a Chopsticks duet (he’ll take the hard part).”

In the meantime, we’ll be watching the video on repeat until we stop crying – so, forever.

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