Jonas got the brother pups Porky and Waldo as a surprise gift for his fiancée Sophie Turner

Alaskan Klee Kais Porky and Waldo have the coolest parents at the dog park.

The two brother pups belong to engaged couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

The DNCE frontman, 29, got the adorable black-and-white pooches as a surprise gift for his Games of Thrones fiancée, but he is pretty smitten with the pair as well.

Because of their celebrity parents, Porky and Waldo get perks most pups miss out on. The dog duo has been to the GOT set, gone on tour with Jonas and traveled the world.

“They live a pretty fabulous life,” Jonas tells PEOPLE.

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Credit: David Burton

Part of that fabulous life involves jet-setting. According to their dad, Porky and Waldo have traveled to France, England, Canada, Amsterdam and all over America.

“They have probably traveled more than most of my friends,” Jonas adds.