The red carpet maven has a soft spot for her spoiled pooches

By Helin Jung
Updated March 08, 2010 01:43 AM

Joan Rivers’s two dogs Samantha and Max are so spoiled, she says, that their doggie door has a doorman.

The comedian is gearing up for a big return to the Oscars on Sunday, and she’ll show no mercy as she skewers bad red carpet fashion. But when she’s home with her dogs, she’s a different person, all covered in soft spots. Rivers says she loves her rescued pooches so much, she always has a treat ready for them when she comes home.

“I’m not stupid, I know how to get a dog,” Rivers tells “We have huge greetings at the door when I come home, and there’s always food in my pocket.”

Samantha, a Maltese mix, is about a year old, and Max, a Pekingese mix, is about 7. Both have long black coats with white spots. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were related, but it was just happy coincidence.

“I love rescues and runts,” Rivers says. “It’s always the one that gets pushed aside that needs the love and will love you back that much more.”

Rivers calls Max her patrician because of his aloof personality: “He allows you to love him.” Samantha, on the other hand, “is very much a peasant, and is very happy to jump all over you and say, ‘Love me, love me, love me.’”

When they’re living in their posh Upper East Side home, Rivers and Co. have to be formal and respect the fancy furniture. But they also spend time in a house in Connecticut, where they can all let their hair down – literally.

“I always say that the fur makes the house look very English,” Rivers says. “The great aristocrats have those big old country homes and their dogs and horses. Everything has a lot of hair on it.”

She won’t be bringing Samantha and Max with her to work on the red carpet this weekend (“I would, but I think they’d be terrified. All that smell of vomit from the bulimia.”), but they might be watching Mommy from home. To that end, Ms. Fashion Police has some advice for any pet owners who plan to watch the Oscars with their dogs this weekend.

“I would walk them during the musical numbers – unless the dogs are gay.”

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