July 15, 2015 02:00 PM

Sick and tired of being embarrassed by your cat’s habit of prancing around around naked all the time? Wish there were a way to discretely cover up your kitty’s butt in a way both of you can be proud of?

Enter Twinkle Tush, a fashionable bracelet-esque apparatus that fits snugly onto your cat’s tail, allowing a cute gemstone to dangle above your cat’s unseemly behind.

“Have you ever thrown a respectable cocktail party at your home only to have your feline family member come out and proudly display their uncovered rear?” reads the Twinkle Tush website, which actually, truly exists. “While kitty might enjoy showing off their brown eye, we’re sure your guests don’t like to see that one-eyed monster while munching on caviar.”

In a disturbingly catchy commercial for the new product (we’ve been singing the jingle all morning), cats frolic up and down stairs, delighted to finally be concealing their bums with a tasteful jewel. The price of modesty? $5.99.

“The Twinkle Tush will never show your cute heinie for all to know,” the vaguely British voice sings.

Sure, we’ve given our cats the gift of modesty, but at what cost?

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